Welcome to the Lost to the Sea Donation Page!

Please read the below information carefully:

The Lost to the Sea Memorial initial construction costs have been covered through a joint partnership of Federal and Municipal Government funds and grants as well as contributions from individuals, organizations and businesses. Please click HERE to view a list of our sponsors.

There will, however, be ongoing costs to maintain the Memorial site and for upkeep and improvements to the existing website. If you would like to contribute toward these costs, please click on the following 'Donate' Button.

If you would like to make a donation by Cheque or Money Order, please make it payable to:

Town of Yarmouth - Lost To The Sea Memorial

And send it to:

Lost To The Sea Memorial
Yarmouth Waterfront Dev Corp
400 Main Street
Yarmouth NS       B5A 1G2

A single gift of $25.00 or more will result in the donor's name being added to our Sponsors List. However, any contribution, regardles of the size would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to make the gift in Memorium (to someone lost to the sea), please click HERE to contact us and let us know. Someone will respond to you with regard to your gift.

Thank you.