The following is the list of names that appear on the Lost to the Sea monuments.

New additions will be made as they are confirmed.

Cann, George A
Cann, Hugh L
Carter, George
Doty, James C
Mahan, Charles
Meuse, John R.
Morrell, Mary S.
Perry, William
Pitman, John H
Pitman, Samuel
Raymond, Fred
Raymond, William E
Sutton, Thomas
Taylor, Edward
Amero, Jeremiah
Amirault, Jacques
Amiro, James
Cook, William A
Corbin, Henry A
Crosby, John A
D'Entremont, Anselm T
D'Entremont, John E
Dulong, Peter
Durkee, Alfred H
Goodwin, Norma
Hines, Caleb
Hipson, Lovitt
Johnson, Christian
LeBlanc, John H
LeBlanc, Théodore
McAuley, Frederick
McMullen, James
Meuse, Simon
Muise, Louis
Nickerson, Andrew
Nickerson, John
Robbins, Charles B
Roberts, Burton
Rudolph, William B
Sabean, Elijah
Taylor, Thomas M
Trefry, Emma
Baker, Albert
Ellis, Benjamin A
Stephen, Hanlon
Larkin, James
Larkin, Kempton
Moses, Paul B
Palmer, Freeman D
Porter, Ernest H
Pothier, Wilfred
Robbins, Judson W
Roberts, Gerring
Smith, Robert
Babine, Theodore
Burke, Eugene
Doucette, James
Doucette, Jovite
Eaton, Fred
Hemeon, Clarence
Jeddery, Norman
Jenkins, Frank K
McKinnon, John
Meuse, Cassie
Moulaison, Simon
Muise, George
Muise, Robert
Nadeau, Jacques E
Nickerson, Freeman
Nickerson, Israel
O'Brien, George L
Patten, John D
Phalen, James
Ritchie, Charles
Saunders, Reuben N
Smith, Oliver
Spinney, James H
Webster, Isaac
Boudreau, Remie
Charles, C Cottreau
Fitzgerald, Leon
Hemeon, James L
LeBlanc, Jean I
LeBlanc, Joseph G
Millen, William
Muise, George
Muise, John
Perry, Robert C
Pothier, Job
Pothier, Narcisse J
Robinson, Benjamin
Russell, James H
Shaw, Ellen
Smith, Joseph
Surette, Jean L T
Surette, Onesphore
Surette, Remi
Andrews, Daniel H
Armstrong, Fred
Babine, Charles
Beveridge, Hugh
Boudreau, Stephen
Cunningham, Oliver
Deveau, George
Dulong, Joseph
Harris, Judson
Harris, Lloyd
Harris, Norman
Jacquard, Urbain "Reuben"
McLarren, Rupert
Melanson, Simeon L
Morrell, Joseph W
Morrissey, Athelston Y
Muise, Joseph
Muise, Ward
Muse, John
Pothier, August S
Ryder, Edward T
Smith, Josiah
Surette, Siffroid
Surette, Urbain
Welsh, George L
Babine, Louis
Cann, Henry F
Cole, James
Doucette, Robert
Dunn, William H
Eldridge, Alfred E S
Harding, Thomas M
Hibbard, Robert
Hilton, Everett B M
Hopkins, Nathan C
Johannsen, Swen A
Landry, Julien
Lawrence, Ida M
LeBlanc, Jean V
MacDonald, Elsie M
Muise, Georges
Muise, Marie E
Murphy, Nehemiah
Nickerson, Robert
Herbert, K Poole
Ringer, Winslow
Saulnier, Thomas
Scott, James A
Smith, Joseph
Stewart, R H
Surette, Samuel
VanAmburg, Fred
VanAmburg, Wynne L
Amero, Arthur
Bouchie, Henry
Doucette, Anthony
Kinney, Nathan
Muise, Benjamin H
Muise, William
Ring, Ernest F
Ross, John A B
Surette, Charles

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