The following is the list of names that appear on the Lost to the Sea monuments.

New additions will be made as they are confirmed.

Perry, J E
Ryerson, Frederick E
Sharkey, Stephen
Theriault, Edward J
Amiro, Jean A
Baker, Charles L
Devine, Joseph L
Doucet, Jean F
Frost, Havelock
Goodwin, James
Goodwin, James D
Goodwin, Orlando A
Larkin, Oscar
Larkin, William B
LeBlanc, James
McDougall, William
Muise, Alfred
Nickerson, John L
Rafuse, Reuben
White, Larry
Worthen, Wallace
Jacquard Isidore
LeBlanc Anne R
Muise Arthur
Roberts Milford
Robichaud Joseph
Seeley Willoughby A
Ward John W
Wilson Hiram
Bouchie, James
Doucette, Ramie
Fletcher, Leslie
Gullison, Bowman C
Kenney, Reuben S
Landry, Theophilus
Larkin, Anthony C
Muise, Étienne
Muise, William
Vincent, Nelson
Rogers, George N
Worthen, Ross E
Amiraul,t Louis A
Atkinson, George
Babin, Pierre M
Burrill, James
Burrill, Rexford
Cann, George E
Cann, Malcolm
Crocker, George
Doucette, Louis
Hersey, Heman K
Muise, Marc E
Pitman, Edwin H
Brayne, James
Corcoran, John E.
Fitzgerald, James
Foster, Edward C
Harding, Robert H
Hubbard, Dennis
Landry, Pierre P
Leblanc, George
McNair, William S
Morrell, Stanley
Morrell, William A
Muise, Aubrey
Muise, Edouard
Newell, Liston C
Nickerson, Adelbert J
Nickerson, Charles R
Penny, John
Pheasant, Frederick A
Pitman, Charles L
Smith, William
John I, Worthen
Amirault, Louis
Amirault, Sylvanus
Amiro, George D
Bouchie, Robert
Boudreau, Jacques L
Ellis, John
Goodwin, George
Goodwin, Vernon
Hubbard, Albert
Hutchinson, Joseph S
LeBlanc, Benjamin
Smith, Alice "Abbie"
Surette, George
Surette, Joseph L
Surette, William
Amirault, Paul D
Burrill, Frank
d'Entremont, Albany A
d'Entremont, Anselme D
d'Entremont, Octove
Doane, Henry C
Goodwin, Reginald
Hatfield, William
Haycock, Augustus J
Larkin, Glendal C
Larkin, Harry L
Muise, Thomas
Muise, Zacharie
Nickerson, James W
Pothier, Levi
Shaw, Sydney R
Simms, Wilfred S
Surrette, Raymond
Amirault, John A
Doucette, Caesar
Doucette, Joshua
Gayton, Roswell F
McCormack, Henry B
Muise, Frank M
Muise, Joseph E
Pothier, Alfred
Ray, Harold V
Fitzgerald, Luc A
Gardner, James
Harris, Joseph A
Meuse, Thomas M
Muise, Alcide
Muise, Edmund
Muise, Jean
Richard, Alfred
Ross, Percy
Surrette, Léon M "Moses"
d'Entremont, Lugar
Doty, Farnham C
Hatfield, Herbert H
Muise, Dennis
Murphy, Irving
Nickerson, Manfred
Frost, Isaac H
Muise, Sylvine E
Murphy, Joseph E
Pothier, François
Richard, Henri L
Richard, Louis A
Simms, Alvin
Spinney, Harry F
Taylor, William H
Boudreau, Timothy
Gardner, James
Goodwin, Avery
Hubbard, Charles D
Lennox, Myron
Meuse, Joseph
Muise, Joseph E
d'Eon, George
Goodwin, Judson H
Pierce, George A
Pothier, Télésphore L
Robbins, John F
Slaven, John

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