The following is the list of names that appear on the Lost to the Sea monuments.

New additions will be made as they are confirmed.

James, Baker II
Bancroft, William
Bingay, Charles
Bridgeo, Henry
Cain, John
Clements, Nathan
Clements, William E
Cook, Enos
Cook, John
Cook, Philip
Evans, Charles
Flint IV, Thomas
Hayes, Hannah
Hemeon, Charles
Hibbard, Charles
Hilton, Robert E
Hilton, Jr.Smith
Howell, Mary
Jenkins, Frank
Jenkins, Mary
Jenkins, Zilpha
LeBlanc, Anselme
MacMunn, William
Moses, John W
Murphy, Peter
Palmer, Josephine
Patten, Samuel F
Perry, Nehemiah C
Redding, Sarah
Joel Ritchie
Shaw, David
Smith, Thomas
Trefry, William E
Utley, Charles A
Williamson, Avery
Wyman, Ansel F
Wyman, David A
Baker, Charles N
Cann, Enos C
Carter, Henry
Churchill, Enos
d'Entremont, David L
d'Entremont, Hilaire
Eldridge, Stephen
Flint, Henry T
Foote, George W
Hammond II, Nelson
Harris, Abner
Hemeon, Charles
Hemeon, William
McKinnon, Charles W
McKinnon, Loran
McKinnon III, Robert
Pinkney, Charles M
Purdy, James A
Purdy, Samuel
Robbins, Raymond
Robbins, Wellington C
Scott, Frederick
Seely, Thomas J
Tooker, Reuben C
Trefry, Warren
Horn, Charles Van
Baker, Joseph
Beular, George
Blauvelt, James F
Boudreau, Joseph
Boudreau, Louis
Brown, T. W.
Cann, Clement P
Crocker, Samuel
Crosby, Thomas A
Flint, Henry H
Horton, George
Horton, Wentworth H
Olive, George W
Spinney, Joseph N
White, Israel
Allen, Waterman
Baker, John A
Beals, Samuel E
Cann, Samuel
Corporon, Archange
Corporon, Jean B C "Cyro"
Crawley, Adeliza D
Crosby, Caleb C
Crosby, Enoch H
Cushman, David
Doucet, François
Frost, Nathaniel
Goodwin, Sylvanus
Haley, Charles W
Hopkirk, Freeman
Hopkirk William H
Kelley, Alfred A.
Kenney, William
Landers, David
Landers, John N
Larkin, John R C
Maffre, Alexis
Merritt, James
Morrell, Ethel J
Nickerson, George
Nickerson, Loran D
Quirk, James
Redding, Angus
Robbins, Joseph H
Rose, Charles
Scoville, Jotham M
Smith, John
Spinney, Chapman
Spinney, Stillman
Willett, Janet R
Willett, Lovett
Williams, Henry G
Baker, Ephraim
Boyd, James
Cann, George
Churchill, Nathan
Cook, Joseph
d'Entremont, Cyriaque
Durkee IV, Pearl
Durkee, Zilpha
Harris, Aaron
Healey, Thomas
Hilton, Samuel C
Marlin, Norman B
McConnell, Stephen
Moore, Norman A
Morrell, Charles P
Murphy, Maurice
Nickerson, David
Perry, Elias
Alice J Pinkney
Robbins William M
Sanders William A
Sims Thaddeus
Trefry II Hayden
Williams Charles H
Williams Clarence H
Blauvelt, James R
Boudreau, Dominique
Cook, Zebina
Crosby, Mary
Doucette, Simon
Hersey, Daniel
Holmes, William H
Hubbard, John
Jenkins, William A
Moulaison, Ephraim
Patch, John
Perry, William W
Richan, Thomas D
Robbins, Charles M
Robbins, George F
Robbins, John M
Shaw, Miner H

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