The following is the list of names that appear on the Lost to the Sea monuments.

New additions will be made as they are confirmed.

Cox, Charles W
Crosby, Aaron V
Crosby, Alvin
Crowell, Charles
Doucet, Cyriaque "Syrien"
Dunham, Samuel
Dunham, William
Eaton, William W
Flint, John C
Gowen, Samuel
Graham, John
Hamilton, Wilson
Hatfield, Thomas W
LeBlanc, Oliver
McConnell, Ansel
McGill, Israel
Muff, Freeman
Pothier, Pierre "Pierrot"
Roberts, Elijah
Rowley, Arthur
Surette, Luke
Tooker, Henry L O
Wyman, William J
Young, Charles
Archibald, Howard D
Archibald, Samuel N
Crosby, Sarah A
Deveau, John
Gardner, Frederick A
Goodwin, Asa
Goodwin, James
Goodwin, Jedediah
Goodwin, Nelson
Goodwin, Samuel
Goodwin, Simeon
Goodwin, Warren
Goodwin, William
Hammond William E
Hatfield, Frederick
Hatfield, Isaac
Hilton, Israel L
Hines, David
Jenkins, Maria
Morris, Frederick
Nickerson, Alexander W
Nickerson, Charles S
Sollows, Thomas D
Spinney, Oscar D
Stanwood, Charles T
VanNorden, Howard D
Weston, Wentworth A
Wyman, Matthew
Allen, James F
Amiro, Anthony
Clements, Silas
Crosby, James E
Crowell, Harvey
Daley, Davis
Devine, Arthur
Durkee, Stephen S
Ellenwood, Henry A
Gardner, Henry E
Gardner, Sarah H
Hatfield, Jacob G
Jeffery, Arthur
Jeffery, Stephen
Kelley, Charles W
Larkin, Brumley
Lowell, Charles
Meuse, Louis
Patten, Thomas A
Porter, Joseph
Rankin, Archie
Robbins, Maggie E
Ryder, Solomon
Spinney, Edward
Tilley, William
Tooker, Reginald D
Trefry, Joseph C
Allen, William
Amiro, Augustin
Amiro, Isaie
Brotherson, Andrew
Brown, Eliza H
Cann, Joseph
Churchill, Albert
Clairmont, Urbain
Clements, George H
Cottreau, Ambroise
Crosby, Jesse
Crowell, Henry
Deward, John
Fitzgerald, Peter
Gardner, Alfred M
Gavel, John S
Gray, Benjamin
Haskell, Mark
Helms, Thomas H
Leary, Timothy
Lennox, Charles
Moses, John
Muise, Languil
Muise, Mande
Nickerson, Asa R.
Nickerson, Charles M
Nickerson, Danie
Nickerson, Woodbury
Parker, Lyman C
Frank, Perry
Perry, Henry
Roberts, Alonzo
Spinney, Rufus
Thurston, Charles
Williamson, James D
Allen, Stephen H
Bain, John P
Campbell, Blanchard
Churchill, Oscar D
Hatfield, Stanley
Killam, Mark
Lowrie, Foster
Montague, Isaac A
Perry, John G
Porter, Israel L
Robbins, Asa S
Rose, Bethia C
Utley, Alfred K
Benson, William
Blades, Joseph
Blades, Walter
Blethen, Frederick W
Butler, John K
Cain, Mary L
Cook George
Cox, Frank
Crawley, Henry
Bowman, Crosby
Crosby, James
Doucette, Joshua
Doucette, Mark
Durkee, Jacob N
Frost, Loring
Goodwin, Caleb
Hemeon, Miner H
Hersey, Harvey K
Homer, John
Jacques, Edward
King, John
Larkin, Edward N
Lennox, William E
Lyons, David
McCarthy, James
Muise, Celestin
Muse, Julien
Muse, Reuben
Nickerson, Rufus S
Pennington, James E

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