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Lost to the Sea Revamped Website Launched

Carla Allen
Published on July 14, 2011
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Article by Carla Allen

A fresh new look has been created for a website promoting the Lost to the Sea memorial that will be constructed this fall on Water Street.

Many members of the Lost to the Sea memorial committee have a sorrow-filled connection to the project, which will be honouring many lives.

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Members of the 'Lost to the Sea' Research Team, behind is the revamped website. Carla Allen photo.
Many members of the Lost to the Sea memorial committee have a sorrow-filled connection to the project, which will be honouring many lives.

"At first we thought there would be1,500 names on the memorial but we soon realized that there will be more like 3,000," said Nancy Hood.

A research team invested hundreds of hours recording the names and stories of those who lost their lives at sea.

"It's been an interesting project. It really shows how connected we are to the sea and how many people we have lost," said Hood.

"This will be ongoing. Hopefully we won't have as many people lost as we have had in the past, but every year there are accidents."

"That's what living on the ocean does . . . it's when you see that whole families were wiped out . . . when they go out to sea on whatever type of vessel it is, they are all taking risks."

A 'Stories of the Sea' link on the site takes viewers to accounts from Yarmouth Reminiscences (a.k.a. Yarmouth Past and Present, compiled by J. Murray Lawson.)

Included is an excerpt from an account of survivor Captain Norman Smith's description on the loss of the steamer - City of Monticello - in 1900.

"Within five minutes of our putting off from the Monticello she turned completely over and disappeared beneath the waves. Our only safety depended upon our keeping our boat, before the sea, and how faithfully poor Murphy attended to this difficult task. It appeared as if his hands would collapse from the strain with which he grasped the tiller. When a short distance from the shore we tried to run the boat into a small beach between the rocks. I saw a tremendous comber coining after us and I shouted to all to hold on for their lives."

Public input is invited through forms on the site.

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Three different perspectives of the proposed 'Lost to the Sea Memorial' monument.

The Lost to the Sea memorial project, which has been underway for close to five years, is expected to cost around $550,000. Tenders for the project will be going out this summer and unveiling of the monument is scheduled for Dec. 31.

Although construction funds have been secured from the Department of Canadian Heritage and the Yarmouth Waterfront Development Corporation, donations are still required for ongoing maintenance of the website. A donation form is included on the site.

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